Private Landlords

You manage your own property investment. It works very well. But sometimes, you want some extra help – so where do you go? Facebook? The Department? Other landlords? How do you know that the advice is right for your situation and how do you know that you’ve covered all the options?

We offer a fee-for-service option for private landlords so you can choose assistance at a stage of your tenants that you need:


Generally tailored for commercial landlords, we can draft your commercial or residential lease to comply with the relevant Act and legislation, and to include special conditions for your property. The fee is negotiable with a standard fee for residential and a scaled fee for commercial leases.

Letting only

You can choose the option where we advertise your property, hold the inspections and home opens, review the applications, conduct tenancy checks, and gather the information required for you to determine a selected tenant. This is done on a negotiated fee-for-service basis and includes the lease and bond lodgement.

When things have gone wrong

If you have a tenancy that has gone wrong and you are facing rent arrears, a tenancy you want to terminate, or a dispute over the bond, we can assist. We provide advice, representation, dispute resolution and conflict management services. Again, it is a fee-for-service that is negotiated with you, depending on the complexity of the situation and what you need help with. Sometimes it is just having another person be the point of contact with a tenant that can calm the situation and resolve the dispute, other times, it is a court application and assistance to present the case in court. It all depends what you need.

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