Residential Property Management

We offer a flat fee property management option for landlords looking to manage their budgets whilst maintaining professional services. Our fee is all inclusive – all you pay in addition is the cost of advertising, professional photography and the first Ingoing Property Condition Report – everything else is included. No extra fees for routine inspections, lease renewals or extensions, rent reviews, leases, invoice management, annual statements, postage and petties, bank fees….it’s all included.

Why do we have a flat fee approach?

Because we know that investors need to manage their cashflows carefully. You need to know what your expenses are on a monthly and annual basis. By keeping fees flat and predictable, we know you can manage your investment better.

But what happens when the unexpected happens?

Things happen. All the time. There is little you can do about what has happened, whether it’s the hot water system, a roof leak, or a tenant vacating. But if we know, you know as soon as we can get in touch. Our promise to you is to be frank and open – we will let you know, look at your options, get quotes and arrange contractors (yours or ours) to best resolve the problem.

No surprises on your end of month statements!

Tenant selection

All tenants are required to complete an application form in full, provide 100 points (or more) of identification, references that we can contact easily, as well as evidence of their earnings. All are tenancy database checked, and then we will contact you to discuss the application. You get to choose your tenant. Selecting the highest offer is not always the best option but we will review the offers with you and you decide who is in your investment property. Then we get to work making sure the lease and tenancy is secure.

End of tenancy processes

We advise you as soon as we can about a tenant vacating to get your instructions about re-leasing. Then we manage the tenancy as it ends, including the final inspection and bond management. Final inspections are shared with you through an electronic portal, and we encourage you to check your investment between tenancies to manage maintenance and repairs where you can.

When things go wrong

Sometimes things go awry, even when we have the best tenants. We are very experienced in dispute resolution, court applications and appearances, and insurance claims. So you can be assured that we will look for the best outcome, all the while discussing it with you. We promise great communication, even when things aren’t great.

Payments to you

Payments to you are generally as you request – usually on a monthly basis by EFT. There is no charge for the payment or the statement that accompanies it. All deductions are authorised, whether it is to contractors or to services such as rates and charges.