Strata Community Management

We offer a flat fee per Lot for strata communities. This means budgets can be more readily established and the costs of meetings, visits to the property, contractor payments, archiving and storage of documents, postage and petties are included in our flat fee.

Our fee is all inclusive – all you pay in addition is the cost of actual meeting expenses, such as rooms if required, insurance on the property, maintenance as per the budget and capital works programme, consumables such as power and water, where applicable.

Debt recovery for unpaid levies is also included other than court fees if required.

Why do we have a flat fee approach?

Because we know that as owners, you need to budget carefully and know where your money is going. Why pay for all the extras?

But what happens when the unexpected happens?

Maintenance and repairs can be an unexpected expense for a strata community. By managing the budgets carefully and assisting the community to build a maintenance fund within the annual budgets, we aim to ensure that the unexpected doesn’t break the bank. Sometimes, however, an large expense comes along. We promise to be open, communicate with everyone and to find the best option.

Bank accounts

As licensed real estate agents, we have a statutory trust account that we can manage funds within. This is an audited account, with the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety over seeing.

We generally encourage our strata communities to open and hold their own bank accounts in the strata company name. By having your own account, managed by the Council of Owners and adding us as one of two signatories to authorise payments, we find that you are in better control of your funds and the Lot owners have a better understanding of their financial position.

The option is yours.